Wherein Heraclea teaches Hydra to not swallow people whole

Editor's note: Nix Comics' Ken Eppstein curates and edits this weekly feature that highlights local cartoonists in six-strip runs. To be considered for future installments, you can email Ken at ken@nixcomics.com or hit him up on Twitter @nixcomics. Comics and related media that involve riffs on existing characters, like Celestian Waltz's Heraclea being sourced on the mythological Hercules, often need a split from the original material. In the original myth, Hercules' sidekick Iolaus provided the fire that prevented the Hydra's heads from re-growing. Heraclea provides her own Witch's Fire here. Did you miss the first four? Here's one, two, three and four. And don't forget to tune in next week for Heraclea's final Sketch in the City strip.