A collection of funny and bizarre photos that didn't make the cover

The band didn't know the theme before they came in, and they looked a little nervous. Once I told them the theme was awkward family photos, the nerves instantly went away and we started having fun with weird facial expressions and body poses. The band actuallycame up with the chain prom-like pose, which I think is fantastic. It's just the right amount of awkward. For there we went to the cover and ghosting images; it was really about making just the right facial expressions. The ghosting pic had some challenges, since the image doesn't really make sense until after it's composited together, but I think they nailed it. And the face Nick is making in the laser photo completely sells it. When we went hunting for props for the last photo, they immediately reached for the pitchfork. We decided that smoke would obviously make the photo better, so we broke out the smoke machine. If you look at Nick's left hand, he's actually running the machine while posing. For more on why Alive picked All Dogs as a band to watch this year, head over to ourfeature story on the group. To RSVP to our free local music showcase, headhere.