A collection of funny and bizarre photos that didn't make the cover

Dominique and I shot this the day after Christmas, and I don't think more than about 5 people were in the entire Dispatch building. The shoot ended up with us hanging out for most of it, talking migraines and weird family photos, punctuated by taking a few of our own. Getting the right facial expressions from Dominique was easy. So much so that the ghosting image just sort of made itself -- made perfect with that sweet hat. For Dominique's smoke shot, I was looking for a prop for her to hold. I figured that the stranger and more pointless the better. I found a Fourth of July pinwheel in our prop closet, and it just kind of worked. Since Dominique is our only solo act, she fit on a tiny hideous background that was too small to fit anyone else. I found it in the depths of the photo studio, attached to the even-uglier fabric background that we used on the other groups in Bands to Watch. It had been in the back of a corner for as long as I've been here. Now that I've used it, I'm trying to get permission to burn it in the parking lot.

For more on why Alive picked Dominique Larue for our Bands to Watch showcase this year, head over to ourfeature story on the her. To RSVP to our free local music showcase, headhere.