A collection of funny and bizarre photos that didn't make the cover

EYE was ridiculously fun, but offered some photographic challenges -- mainly that they are all roughly the same height and size, making it difficult to arrange them on a small studio backdrop. We did a few of the basic awkward-family-photo poses, but they weren't quite what I was looking for. Then they asked me if I could Photoshop them into a space background. I was all in, and it completely changed the trajectory of the shoot. We spent the rest of the time making serious faces that I could Photoshop into space. We liked the idea so much, we actually did two space shots. I did the most compositing with this band, and the end result was 100 percent worth it. The background images for both space scenes are from the Hubble Telescope cameras. For more on why Alive picked EYE as a band to watch this year, head over to our feature story on the group. To RSVP to our free local music showcase, headhere.