Photos that didn't make this week's cover

The Sidekicks brought their monster for their just released music video "Everything in Twos." We included it in a few photos, but most of the shoot was spent trying to make just the right faces -- something these guys do very well. The cover photo we used was my favorite of their bunch. The choice of Matt looking over the whole band -- including himself -- was genius on their part. And I love how Steve is just passed out in the middle. Their family photo was fun, just with their faces and the range of expressions they used, but I was compositing two photos to get the best faces of all the band members. Steve and Ryan's faces are actually from another photo in that setup. When I put Steve's in I kept the bunny ears, thinking I would edit out the hand he also had on Toby's shoulder later, but once I had both hands in there, I couldn't bring myself to edit out the extra hand. It's my attempt at a subtle little joke. The last photo of them with the lasers was one I thought was a reject, because we tried (unsuccessfully) to incorporate the smoke machine. However, I had an outtake of them before the smoke machine started with Steve looking to his left. In editing, I flipped the image around and then added lasers. It ended up being one of my favorites.

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