Relive the weekend in tweet form.

This past weekend was paradise for music fans from all around Ohio. First, the Nelsonville Music Festival kicked off on Thursday and went on throughout the weekend. The festival featured artists such as the Flaming Lips, St. Vincent, Hurray for the Riff Raff and many more. Festival goers who made the journey to Nelsonville got to camp out with their buddies and listen to some of their favorite musicians. Back in Columbus, legendary rock 'n' roll band The Rolling Stones brought the party to Ohio Stadium on Saturday despite severe weather concerns. They brought Kid Rock along for a night 60,000 fans won't soon forget.

Nelsonville Music Festival

Drove straight from Nelsonville Music Festival to my office. I smell wonderful.

- Kieran Manzi (@MrKLM) June 1, 2015


@billwsyx6 I guess if you're Merle Haggard, you bring a rainbow to the Nelsonville Music Festival #NMF15

- William Thomas (@willycanyak) May 31, 2015


Nelsonville is turning up for this music festival ??

- Justin Mooney (@m00ney60) May 30, 2015


@waynecoyne playing with his Dora the Explorer guitar before the show last night at the nelsonville music festival

- dylan fetherolf (@fetherolfdylan) May 30, 2015


@nelsonvillefest #theflaminglips

A photo posted by Brittney. (@majesticpersephone) onMay 30, 2015 at 3:56am PDT


"I think I've been getting emails from my cannabis advocacy group about that" -my mom on nelsonville music festival

- lord farquad (@StephFark) May 28, 2015

-- The Rolling Stones

Anyone else notice Micks "Zipper" on his trousers last night at the Columbus show? A Sticky Fingers zipper. #TheRollingStones #mickjagger

- TINA HESS (@TINAHESS765) June 1, 2015


The Rolling Stones were Amazing last night! Columbus Ohio was epicly rocked by the last beacon of Rock N' Roll. If you can, you must go.

- John S Brennan (@rckrjohn) May 31, 2015


Even if you're not an Ohio State fan, the Rolling Stones playing "Hang on Sloopy" in Columbus is pretty awesome

- Josie Janavicius (@josvicius) June 1, 2015


I hope I can move the way @MickJagger can when I'm his age. The Columbus show was fucking amazing! The Rolling Stones cannot be slowed down!

- Jackie Kreterfield (@Jackkitty) May 31, 2015


Saw The Rolling Stones in Columbus last night and they were as advertised! Face meltingly awesome show!

- TSL (@TSL33) May 31, 2015


rolling stones blew up Columbus last night. Keith Richards is still the fucking man

- dante basista (@TweetDante) May 31, 2015