Because you can never have enough regret-free 1 a.m. options in the Short North

Justin Boehme shows off his Backdoor Burritos set up at the back door of the Da Levee Restaurant at 765 N. High St. on March 15, 2012. The impromptu restaurant has been shuttered until this week, when it will return out front. Dispatch file photo

Calling it "The one thing you won't regret putting in your mouth at 1 a.m.," Da Levee's late-night service Backdoor Burritos makes a return this week. The burrito service will be open Fridays and Saturdays, 1:30 to 3:30 a.m.

It's been two years since owner Justin Boehme last served late night burritos. He closed down the concept when he remodeled the restaurant to add a bar. Since that time, he's also opened a second Da Levee in Gahanna. "I've been trying my hardest to get it back going for two years," he said, "but we didn't want to open and be hit-and-miss with our hours."

The burrito service came about as a way to extend his hours after the bar and restaurant closes (their liquor permit requires the bar closes at 1 a.m.).

This time around, though, the pop-up will be "backdoor" in name only. Boehme is switching service to a kiosk out the front door of Da Levee, facing N. High St. The switch will provide greater visibility, but it also solves problems caused by using the private parking lot behind the building.

On the menu will be burritos, tacos and nachos, with choices between pulled chicken, spicy chorizo and ground beef as fillings.

Boehme is also playing up the focus on the late night crowd. For every burrito order, for instance, they'll throw free condoms in the bag.

Nicholas Dekker writes about breakfast at and authored the guidebook "Breakfast With Nick: Columbus," with a second edition coming in 2015. He leads breakfast and brunch tours for Columbus Food Adventures and brewery tours for Columbus Brew Adventures.