From beer to burlesque to Young Thug. Here's to the weekend.

Friday "The Breakfast Club" at MadLab

Warehouse Theatre opens its 2016 season with a new stage adaptation of John Hughes' classic '80s teen film "The Breakfast Club." A day of detention for high school students Claire (the princess), Andrew (the jock), John (the criminal), Brian (the brain) and Allison (the basket case) begins as badly as they expect, but in the end, the group finds common ground and changed lives.

ImageOHIO exhibition opening reception at Fort Hayes Shot Tower Gallery Charlie Kaufman's "Anomalisa" opens Will Deely at Double Happiness Available Light Theatre presents Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice at Denison University Saturday Young Thug at the Newport

Since emerging with his debut mixtapeI Came from Nothingin 2011, the unpredictable MC has consistently charted his own course, squawking, barking and growling his way through a series of avant-garde hip-hop explorations (Slime Season, from 2015, doubles as a frenetic spin through the rapper's warped mind) and comparatively radio-friendly jams (the glossy, spacious "Lifestyle").

Dan Melchior at Kafe Kerouac Greenhorn at Ace of Cups Will Foster and the Sober Jerks at Café Bourbon Street Fergus Scholarship Exhibition at OSU Urban Arts Space Sideswipe Brewing two-year anniversary party Zauber Brewing two-year anniversary party Wolf's Ridge Brewing taproom special bottle release Sunday Hop Along at Double Happiness

Painted Shut, the sophomore album from the eclectic Philly punk quartet, swings between folk-leaning ballads (the solitary "Happy to See Me") and guitar-driven indie rock jams like "Sister Cities," where frontwoman Frances Quinlan sings like she's clinging to the last vestiges of her voice before it gives out for good

The Best of Burlesque at Shadowbox Live Route 161 Happy Wanderers at Bossy Grrls Pinup Joint