Looking for something to do this weekend? We've got you covered.


Mary Lynn record release show at Carabar

Mary Lynn Gloeckle doesn't seem to know how to make a song without a playful hook, but that doesn't meanher band's new record, My Animal,is "cute." "Some people hear it and equate it to cute because, a.) Mary Lynn is a girl and the world is sexist," guitarist Joe Camerlengo said, "and b.) she has glasses and her name is Mary Lynn. So people are like, 'Oh, you're so cute and fun!' And it's like, well, you're not wrong, but you would never walk up to some dude making a pop record and be like, 'Aw, Frank Ocean, you're cute!'" "It's a rock 'n' roll album, too," Gloeckle said. "Going into this, I accepted that I make rock 'n' roll music."

Two Cow Garage record release show at Rumba Café Herzog doc "Lo and Behold" opens at Gateway Film Center FemFest Estrogenesis Dance Party at Seventh Son "Cartographies" final day at Otterbein's Fisher Gallery "Six One Four" exhibition continues at Open Door Studios


African Village Arts Festival

Part cultural festival, part neighborhood party, the African Village Arts Festival will be held Friday through Sunday, Aug. 19 through 21, in the William H. Thomas Gallery on Bryden Road and in the open space next to Kwanzaa Playground across the street. Organizers would like to re-emphasize both aspects of the festival as it celebrates its 10th year. "The theme this year is 'All of Us Together,'" said Shelbi Harris, the primary organizer of this year's festival. "It's a tradition of this community." The festival is also a celebration of the culture shared by those in the neighborhood, presented not just for those in the community but for everyone.

DANA at FemFest Drift Mouth at Rumba Cafe Dolfish plays Kafe Kerouac Emily and the Complexes at Tree Bar "Transformations" exhibition at Urban Arts Space Jackie Lynn plays The Summit Jamey Johnson at Scioto Downs Racino Ohio Art League presents "Small Scrawl" at X Space


"50 Shades of West" at Axis

Virginia West's "50 Shades of West" drag show will be the 40th such extravaganza West has produced at Axis.West said the show is "veryloosely based" on "Fifty Shades of Grey." "Basically the only similarity is that the show is about sexual fantasies and fetishes," West said. "We tried to push the boundaries a bit more with this show, so don't be surprised to see some whips and chains and maybe some leather and latex, too. "We are trying to cater to different fetishes in there, but of course in a funny, over-the-top, drag queen kind of way."

Short North Stage presents "Psycho Beach Party" MadLab presents "Scritch Scritch"