Wild, hilarious, blazingly imagistic and even kinky, Food Party, which premiered on IFC Tuesday night, is the best 15 minute show on television. With its surreal atmosphere, talking cardboard food and spastic puppets, it's like Pee Wee's Playhouse if directed by Michel Gondry and hosted by a punky and hungry NYC artist (and former Clevelander!) named Thu Tran. Thu might be tiny but she is overflowing with energy, charm and dark humor.

Here's a few things that happened on the first frenetic episode: a blowhard showoff guy she's on a date with (Thu is a very frustrated bachelorette) gets charged for apple farts he claims he never ordered in a bizarre restaurant; as Thu chats with an ear of corn, he gets so excited he starts to pop; a giant banana does a strip tease; Thu invites an ice cream cone and the devil to her wedding, and she bakes a buffalo wing cake with blue cheese icing, of course. Set the DVR right now.