I've coined a new word to describe my state of mind after three long hot summer days spent wandering around Goodale Park with giant beers in my hands -- COMFESTSMUDGE. Of course, I found plenty of time to eat during the weekend, too.

Sesame Rolls from On The Fly, purchased at ComFest.

The awesome Mixed Empanada from El Arepazo -- it's like a mammoth burrito made out of beautifully crispy fried arepa batter jammed with juicy and stewy beef and chicken, plus black beans, rice and rich melted cheese. Man, oh man, oh man!

Ceviche Salad, from El Arepazo (an "In Season" feature in the next Alive).

Huevos Rellenos, brunch at Barrio

Scallop Ceviche, brunch at Barrio

The tallest and richest guy at ComFest -- Greg Oden. I almost dropped my delicious tacos and mango agua fresca purchased from the Mi Pueblo ComFest stand when I saw him. He seemed uncomfortable with some suddenly swarming attention (the gentle giant was just trying to have fun like everyone else) so I waited til he walked away to take my nosy snapshot.