Actually, it's what we ate. Come on, now, not even a glut like me eats a three-plate meal! Ensalata Vega, w/ grilled chicken & bacon (pretty good w/ Gallo's thick balsamic dressing & despite the misspelling); a half & half ( crispy fries plus very nice slaw); and what I really came for--the garlicky, sweet and fiercely hot, Sriracha glazed "cockfight" wings.

How hot? These were mess w/ my mind hot, make me stutter & hiccup hot, cause me to drink too much & talk like a nutjob hot. By the way, Weds is import & microbrew discount night, so the chewy & way over-the-top malty & hoppy Dogfish 90 minute IPA( which clocks in at an eye & brain-popping 9%) pictured was $3 instead of $5.