Cruise the 'Ville is a silly vintage car show in Whetstone Park. Despite having barely a passing interest in "vintage" or "cars" I nonetheless do the "cruise" every year and even outright enjoy it.

This year, Weiland's held a hog roast at the car-fest. If you find the above Piggy's grisly expression discomfiting, then don't eat meat.

Weiland's quaintly sold ripe fruits and veggies out of this nifty old school foodmobile

The month-old Ali Baba on the OSU campus (unrelated to the almost identically located Ali Baba from the '90s, but related to the much beloved Pita Hut in Clintonville) is raising the bar on ethnic food for Buckeye barflies. Pictured above are Kafta kabobs (aromatic, crustily grilled) and terrific cauliflower and eggplant salads that'll make haters of those unfairly maligned veggies re-think their unfounded prejudices.Read more about Ali Baba in the August 27 Alive

I topped off a great summer Saturday with this Avenue Q-influenced production of the lovely enchanted forest fantasy, As You Like It. It was one of the most fun Shakespeare in Schiller Park shows I've ever seen (and I see almost all of 'em). It's also perfect for newcomers to the bard as the gimmick -- which never wore thin for me -- makes the comedy highly accessible and even that much funnier.

Even my dog, Flora, got all the play's jokes. Read her once-every-end-of-summer article in the August 27 Alive as well! N.B. she's sort of a sassy writer.