Anyone who complains there's nothing fun to do in Columbus simply isn't looking. Last weekend, I saw The Tempest in Schiller Park on Friday (I love the play and always feel the sting of genius during Act IV when Prospero speaks about "the baseless fabric" and "insubstantial pageant faded," i.e. illusory and ephemeral nature of all things. BTW, though the sound was too low, the game troupe did a good job; I'll definitely be back for one of Shakespeare's greatest comedies, As You Like It, which starts this Thursday, Aug. 6 and plays weekends through Sept. 6)

Actors' Theatre of Columbus Shakespeare in the Park

I picniked at The Tempest with ideal weather, excellent beverages and a spicy chicken pizza (ok, flatbread) from Northstar, which unlike way too many sloppy pies made with pre-fab dough and generic sauce, actually tastes like something handmade from scratch by people who use great ingredients and care about their product.

Saturday night, the Ravari Room was the place to be to see my friends in Birds of Hair (with Marcy Mays of Scrawl) and the New Bomb Turks rawk it old school (i.e. do it right). That made Sunday the day for the Fair (see story about made-in-Ohio fair food in next Alive)

I always eat a fresh and juicy pulled "lamb-wich" with salt, pepper and horsey sauce.

Homemade whole wheat waffles from Marshall's

I also endured this thing

Walking through the poultry exhibit is always a strange thrill

Sunday night, I stumbled upon a half-price "soft opening" dinner from a new upscale Mexican chain called Cantina Laredo. Located out @ Polaris, it looked pretty swanky and its full menu had some interesting-looking things on it. Unfortunately, only a very limited menu was offered to me, and what I had was only above average Mexican food but at very above average prices. Cantina Laredo opens for real tonight; expect my First Bite take on it in the August 13 Alive.

The Puerto Vallarta

Carne Asada w/ Camerones