Look at all this booty you get for $15 at the fun but stylish Sushi Ting*, which is close to me (on Olentangy River Road near the OSU campus).

This colorful, variegated and delicious treasure chest contains: sushi, sashimi, tempura, marinated and grilled chicken (or steak or salmon or "katsu") and onions, seasoned brown rice, squid balls, tamago, seaweed salad, spring roll, fruit and on and on. It even comes with a soup or salad starter (go for the garlicky spicy miso soup) and will be half-priced if, like me, you are smart enough to have a Prestige Dining Club card. Imagine all this for a laughable $7.50! -- better yet, make it happen for real soon!

*Yes, it's surprisingly and annoyingly a MySpace website. But the menu is under "my pics"