Zip's Cafe Serving fresh, great hamburgers since 1926 out of an old-timey, darkly lit Mount Lookout joint w/ a model train merrily chugging above its quaintly swinging saloon doors.

Zip's Girth Burger

If the cheese blanketed pic doesn't do it justice, know that this is a work of burger art. In it, a boldly juicy, handmade beef patty meets its mate in a juicy red sausage. It's the best of both "sportfood" worlds, and what I like to eat before watching the Reds play (let's face it, usually badly) in Cincy. The all-star sammie effectively inoculated me against the woeful team, who ended up stinking up the Great American Ballpark to the off-key tune of Washington 10, Cincy 6. Did I care? No, sitting in primo half-priced seats (thanks to a generous company discount) sipping Guinness & Grey Goose, I let the charms of a slow-paced, mid-19th century game melt away the white noise of the modern world such that not even the sauna-like heat could defeat me.