Tensuke Market is a great Japanese grocery store opposite Akai Hana (formerly Restaurant Japan), and in the back of the store, they have a nifty little noodle-bowl-and-more, quick-food restaurant called Tensuke Express. The stuff is cheap and quite good, like the following:

BBQ Eel Bowl. Do not fear eel, it is delicious! Do not think of it as an unholy, black writhing sea monster, but rather as a delicious piece of fish not altogether un-salmon-like. Cooked like it was here, it's tender and sweet (like me!)

Veggie Croquette (mostly mashed potato) Soba + Chicken Teriyaki

The croquettes were excellently fried; the soba noodles were subtly flavored with soy and seaweed; and the grilled chicken teriyaki thigh meat was tender, sprinkled with sesame seeds and not too sweet.