Inspired by a Greek salad I recently devoured at Rigsby's, I took this crowd-pleaser to a potluck cookout last weekend. I made it with tomatoes and basil from my garden supplemented by multi-colored sweet peppers I purchased at the North Market's Saturday Farmer's Market. Also in the salad were spicy green olives & French feta cheese (from the great Mediterranean Food Imports on High St.) plus just enough olive oil to tie everything together and a few splashes of balsamic vinegar. It took only about 20 minutess of knifework and another 5 or so minutes to assemble and it is the very taste of summer--highly recommended!

The raw ingredients, along with some juicy, grown-locally white peaches from the North Market (themselves turned into an awesome salad with ripe- to-bursting cantaloupe, chiffonade of fresh mint and a few squirts of lemon) .