These dark and blurry photos of Scotch bottles accurately reflect the state of my vision after a superfun night -- and a steal of a deal -- at Wing's Restaurantin Bexley. The event was a (liberally poured) Scotch tasting that ranged from the easy-to-drink-even-for-novices and great deal (less than Dewar's) 888 to the peaty mouthful of smoky tire-on fire Laphroig to the beautifully nuanced and boutique-y Wild Scotsman and John McDougall brands (BTW, the Wildman & Mr. McDougall themselves were on hand to steer us through the ins and outs of all things Scotch--as well as their jokes/stories...). The food was pretty good, too--mild goat meatballs, knock-'em-back, salt-n-pepper shrimp, steamed pork dumplings, wings and excellently hooch-matching spicy desserts. The $40 entry fee turned out to be a bargain-basement price for the most fun I've actually had in a basement in a long while. I plan on attending the next one, will keep you posted. BTW again, Wing's has a remarkable stash of Scotch and really friendly owner and staff.