When I walked into Basil, The Cure was playing; next up was Kings of Leon. If the music weren't enough, the pleasant saloony feel to the place certainly conveyed the message that Basil aims to be a non-mom-and-pop Thai joint with a rock and roll vibe to it. Nothing wrong with that, as long as the food holds up it's end of the bargain, I thought.

Well so far, I had one dish that I loved (top picture, Nam Sod -- like what usually turns up on Thai menus as "larb" but minus the crunchy ground rice and plus ginger) and one that I thought was OK -- perfectly fine but no wow factor to it (a not-especially complex and rather sloppily presented green curry with tender strips of pork). I'll be back soon to further investigate. Read more about Basil in the next Alive.

Basil is located at 1124 N. High St., Short North; 614-421-2275.