Last Saturday night, DeepWood seemed to be caught off-guard w/ how busy it got during a "Holiday hop", & thus the place wasn't firing on all cylinders: they were out of both Prosecco & the advertised steak entree we came in for, yet DW failed to offer any close-in-style, same-priced alternatives, though they clearly could have; the dessert course took an unacceptably very long time coming out, yet no compensation was offered; when desserts finally arrived, they were clearly improvised facsimiles that contained only a fraction of the Buche de Noel that was advertised. And yet, and yet... the food was still great & I'm not deterred in the least from returning--only next time I might speak my mind outloud (I was w/ a crowd of DW first timers, & I didn't want to negatively color their initial experience at one of my favorite places any more than was already happening). From top to bottom: oysters cooked in a lovely, bacony cream sauce; an intensely flavored sweet potato soup w/ a tiny apple tartlette; a beautifully pan fried snapper (though one tablemate said hers was on the dry-side) above a delicate but complex broth; a tender chicken breast stuffed w/ housemade chicken sausage & served w/ stout smashed potatoes & a dreamy gravy; a smidgeon of Xmas "log cake" fleshed-out w/ chocolate biscotti & a brownie-ish construction. I believe DW does these discount dinners about once a month, & I firmly plan on seeing how we all fare in January--because mistakes aside, I do love this place!