A friend and frequent dining companion of mine can never remember the name of one of our favorite Thai spots, but given that it's located in a (not physically inspiring) Quality Inn in the (equally uninspiring) environs of the Budweiser plant, he always refers to it as "The Thai Hotel". Well, we hadn't been there in a while, so we motored out there -- past the once hot but now eerily desolate Continent shopping "mall" -- on a grim and rainy evening.

Long story short, the place has new, very friendly owners who might make a mean Mai Thai, but don't deliver the goods like the previous owners (with the exception of the excellent appetizer plate in the top pic, which contained one of the better spring rolls I've had in a while). What's more (or less) it took them a heckuva lot longer to deliver it--and present the bill after we'd long finished eating.

There was absolutely nothing wrong with our perfectly competent entrees (salmon in a sweet peanut curry and a chili-sauced chicken dish), but they lacked the verve and complexity that made Thai Lagoon's previous incarnation so exciting and worth the little downer of a drive. Also, the menu has lost several of the dishes that originally drew us here.

Would I go again? I have a Prestige Dining card with another twofer on it, so probably. But I'll go with diminished expectations and not on an ugly day when I need cheering-up.