Vittoria Ristorante in Powell served me this $13 appetizer dish (which was as big as an entree if not shared) over the weekend, and I'm still thinking about it.

Called Antipasto di Mare, it reminds me of the kinds of things I loved eating and always sought out in Rome. Beautiful in its simplicity, it's just sauteed seafood drizzled with olive oil, butter and lemon...that's it.

Vittoria did a pretty good job with this, but a few pieces of fish were marginally--but by no means deal-breakingly--on the chewy side. Had everything been supremely tender, I'd be on my out to Powell right now instead of typing this in. Anyway, I quite like Vittoria (expect a full review in This Week soon), but I'd outright love it if the above lovely dish weren't so emblematic of this pretty place. That means most dishes I tried--while very good--were just slightly off, preventing Vittoria from attaining all-star status. But hey, there's not a damn thing wrong with being a pretty, fun and solidly delicious restaurant!