The porch at the Worthington Inn is a mighty fine springtime spot to take a load off--and get a buzz on--during its econo-minded happy hour. Thursdays are especially convenient, as there's a nice selection of vinos offered at nearly retail prices. So that's exactly what I did last week, as I enjoyed a gorgeous evening there and made a meal out of the following noshes:

This terrific app ($12) will be added soon to the menu, but I managed to grab a sneak preview of it. It's tart and lively fried green tomatoes given a crackly cornmeal crust and topped with a cold shrimp, corn tomato and fresh basil salad/salsa dressed with a Louisiana styled "Louis" sauce (jazzed-up mayo).

Flatbread pizzas of the day are $5 during Happy Hour, making this zesty capicolla number a steal.

Flora also enjoys HH, but from a "dog's world" distance.

Don't worry, I toss her snacks from time to time (she's a tremendously talented center fielder!).

Love, love, love these "chicharrones" (best wings in C-bus?) made with super meaty, fried Berkshire pork chunks tossed in wing sauce--also $5 during HH!