The Clintonville Farmer's Market takes place early (meaning noon is already late) on Saturdays. Located a couple blocks north of North Broadway, it's a refreshingly loose, open-air battery of high-quality stalls that sell everything from grass-fed beef (or only partially so, for those who prefer more "marbling") to flowers to raw-food sweets. Fortunately, I can walk to the "market" but I'd drive to it if I had to. Last week, I scored lots of ready-to-eat goodies; here's a look:

Petite Boulangerie is my kind of nutty operation. It's the bakery analog of those old Mickey Rooney/ Judy Garland "hey kids, let's put on a show" movies. PB seems to be just a few young and smart, seat-of-their-pants dudes who bake beautiful bread products out of a home-based, wood-burning oven. In true "winging it" style, they were covered in flour (one high-test guy even had his shirt on inside-out) and hustled like mad men, running hot rolls in their not-so-professional-looking car from home to the market as fast as they could.

But whatever they might've lacked in a focused business plan, they more than made up for in their ab fab bready wonders! Above are PB's delicious strawberry croissants, below is an incredible baguette I ate in about four seconds--and it was so good that it didn't even need butter!

These wunderkinds merit your attention and I strongly recommend you check 'em out (hint: they're currently selling their great stuff in front of the Clintonville Community Market on Crestview and Calumet on an every other day, semi-regular basis).

This (smoky) ham and (tangy) cheese (buttery) croissant from PB was a lunch with a real French punch.

"Kickstart" from Lunaburgers--haven't got to try these locally made, vegan heat-n-eaters yet, but am impressed with the company's other healthy products.

Carletta's Premium Sweet Potato Pies were an illustration of the diverse edibles available at the market. They are really, really delicious--and worth the calories.

Blue Jacket Dairy also had a stall. I'm a sucker for their stuff--like this lemon quark cream cheesey spread.

Sweet Thing Gourmet is another from-home (in this case, Bexley) business that makes terrific products. I scooped up some of STG's excellent, fruity and spicy aromatic jams as part of my mother's day giftbag!