Bhindi Amchur--loved this thinly sliced and deep fried (thus minimizing the "sliminess" factor) okra appetizer with an enticingly tangy spice dusting which included "eggy" chaat masala ingredients. No adult drinks as of yet (you can bring your own for the time being) but a lot of interesting looking yogurt-based quaffs.

Tadka Indian Cuisine was the source of the above--and other delectables I recently tried. It might be a chain based out of Atlanta, but you wouldn't know that by eating here--pretty impressive thus far!


Greek Corner's Lamb Bream ($10 at lunch)--a terrific dish of delicious, roasty lamb slices (lots of them) embellished with a lusty tomato sauce and plenty of healthy veggies that ate sorta like a deconstructed ratatouille.

Aegean Style Chicken ($9 at lunch)--like Greek fajitas

Greek Corner just opened a new and much-better-looking-inside-than-you'd think-from-the-outside branch on Lane Avenue (they don't seem to have their own website yet, but their sibling restaurant in Dublin's site can be found here -- the menus are similar).

GC has a fully operational bar, which includes a good selection of Greek beers & wines.

Both of these newbies show plenty of promise--expect reviews in upcoming issues of Alive and ThisWeek.