I've gone on about DeepWood's happy hour before, but it definitely bears repeating. They have some of the best deals on well-made cheapie drinks ($4-$5) and hand-crafted, super-discounted foods in town.

Pictured above is the "Hi-Street," a refreshing margarita-like combination of Cuervo, hibiscus syrup and lime juice ($5).

"Pretzel," $3 -- with house-made honey mustard (and most everything's house-made here, so just add that word to what's listed from here on out); and Tomato--a Caprese salad (implementing house-made mozzarella...see what I mean?)

"Pastrami" ($6) is all this terrific Reuben is called, as DW likes to access a pared-down elegance with its understated menu descriptions.

"Clam," $5 -- sweet-side, crunchy fried semi-chewy strips with a wildly bright and bracing (qualities I like) whipped malt vinegar dip alongside a citrus-y cocktail sauce

Last Thursday was one of those lately all-too-rare, unsweltering, great weather nights, and since a minor drawback to DeepWood is its lack of outdoor seating, I decided to move on to Basi's lovely patio -- where on Thursdays, it's Vino on the Veranda.

Vino on the Veranda is the name for warm weather Thursday night wine parties Basi throws where sippers can sit at communal tables and, well, commune while trying (by the glass and/or flight) specially selected and thoroughly described "juices."

To help facilitate the fun, Basi generously lays out plates of snicky-snacks.

Tonight's gonna be another rare, comfy and pretty summer evening (maybe we're only gonna get 'em on Thursdays!), meaning after enjoying some R&R activities like described above, a perfect way to cap off your night would be to head over to the Wexner Center. See, the Wex is kicking off both its Wex Drive-In and "A Summer Abroad: Cinema Italiano" movie series with "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou" (the movie was shot in Italy).

Let's see...beautiful weather, a melancholic and wacky Wes Anderson flick with the esteemed Mr. Murray shown outdoors, plus free Jeni's ice cream--what more could you ask for? I will see you there!