Two of the first things I blogged about after getting this forum were Barley's Homebrew Competition, and IFC's Food Party. And look, a year later, here I go again. Man, I hope I'm not becoming predictable!

Because I love surprises, which is why I hate to waste my time watching crappy, formula-following TV shows, especially all those annoying "food personality" losers. In fact I almost never watch any regular TV because even in the case of the rare program actually worthwhile, like "30 Rock" (the quickest, smartest and funniest thing on the big idiot 3 or 4), 95% of TV to me is default entertainment--something I wind up doing, and nothing I'd ever worry about missing, let alone plan my evening around. Okay, tirade over.

Season 2 of Food Party is underway and with this spastic, irreverent, in-your-dopey-face, punky-funny show, you can throw out everything I just wrote about TV.

This, I DVR, laugh out loud at, marvel at the cajones of the diminutive little artsy devil at Food Party's hilariously heartless center, even (dare i say it?) love. Warning: Thu (pronounced "2"), FP's unapologetic, un-selfconscious and ego-less "star," has an uproarious, scare-your-boring-parents taste for grotesque and occasionally squirm-inducing pranks, albeit ones involving puppets and goofballs in outrageous costumes. So watch at your own risk, you big sissy.

P.S. Expect me to blog about Barley's and Food Party again next year (pending their continued existences!), because sometimes predictable is good (what, you were expecting me to be consistent? That's just another form of boring!)