Better late than never: Here are some great "edifying" reasons to do some drinking tomorrow to go along with your World Cup celebratory sipping after the USA "beat" England 1-1

Barley's Annual Homebrew Festival--wherein the best locally fermented amateur suds will be determined by a judging panel of experts (and me), last year's winner (a wheat ale with Sicilian blood oranges, which has been professionally brewed by Barleys' A-Team) will be tapped and a wave of midday revelry will be unleashed. This is a guaranteed excellent party (which gets cranking around 1 p.m.)... see you there!

Later Sunday night, former Rosendale's and current Sage sommelier Chris Dillman will steer participants through all that arcane sniffing, gargling and juicy nomenclature when he holds the first of two of his summer Wine Education classes at Wild Goose." Titled "Knowing Your Palate and Making It Happy," it runs from 6 to 8pm and costs a worth-it $30.