GENIUS ALERT! As I type this, the scent of woodsmoke lingers on my fingers--this is the loving aroma of many future Sunday communions. The heck'm I talking' about? Well, that sheriff of smoke, that potentate of pork, that roadside barbecue artist operating variously under the Pit Boss, Smackie and, currently, Ray Ray's Hog Pit has done it again. Now the #1 Q- Dude is defying already high expectations by selling (Sundays only) organic, free-range, humanely raised, GRASS-FED beef brisket, and it is absolutely terrific!

Healthy(ish) and (more important) extremely delicious BBQ? Yes, that can happen! Comes with a homemade, tangy Dogfish Head Ale barbecue sauce extra- tang-ified by fire-roasted jalapenos (not that spicy) and it is freakin' cheap too. Read all about it in the next Alive