Yeah, I hate that song too, but visiting The Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton yesterday got my blood pressure elevated for the fall-signifying sport. See, being an Ohioan pretty much means football is in my blood--lord knows my blood was certainly on a lot of footballs when I was a kid.

I love how it looks like the nose cone of a football is thrusting its way through the roof of the museum.

Some of the displays of the early days amazed me, like this bizarre outfit, which has a creepy S&M/Hannibal Lecter kinda thing goin' on.

While perusing the Hall of Busts (my name for a huge room which houses head and chest likenesses of every inductee), I was struck by the oddly reflective and graphically confusing play of light on the immortalized statues and the room's floor.

This is for my Viking-loving friend Dave, whom I accompanied on the day trip!

Lembo's Italian Restaurant, a beloved area dining institution since 1964, was a recommended spot to calorie- up after the HoF visit.

If you're from the Akron area, this meal won't look strange to you, and you'll recognize the oversized, battered, seasoned and crisply fried potato wedges draping the expertly fried chicken as what's colloquially known as "Jojo potatoes."

If you're not from Akron-Canton-Youngstown, you might be scratching your cranium at the crazy alignment of pizza and fried chicken on the same table at the same time. But my Akronite wife assures me this is a totally normal meal, and the preponderance of area shops that specialize in "pizza and chicken" clearly bears this out. To eat it is to understand its ironclad "Who says I have to choose?" logic!