This past weekend, Franklin Park Conservatory once again provided the scenic setting for the Columbus Wine Festival, a fun "celebration of wine" that offered more than 270 wines to sample.

There was also a Barefoot Cellars-sponsored "Barefoot Bubbly" competition, in which I, RJZ, Trisha Moore from Mix 107.9 and Tanisha Mallett from 10TV served as judges. Four splash-happy novices competed to see who'd emerge as "Master Mixologist."

As unlikely as it seemed from the five-minute frenzy of haphazard sloshing, the four game competitors concocted some decent-tasting cocktails. The green-shirted fellow on the end was ultimately (and rather less than scientifically) declared the winner for his berry-heavy, but not too sweet, "Tongue Tickler" (I think his "talent" for cocktail naming contributed to his top position).

It was a lovely evening to spend time outdoors.

And continue drinking wine well past the competition's end.

And then go home and laugh like an idiot late into the night at the insane canine shenanigans provided by this dynamic duo!