I'm guessing you might've heard about the "Foodie Cart" by now--it's certainly all the rage of local cyberspace cadets. Well, last night I finally got my first taste of their crepes, and I liked what I ate. Mine was full flavored and obviously made with fresh and good ingredients; plus I appreciated the knife skills evident in the fillings.

Having said that, I must admit I was prepared to be underwhelmed, based on this: "they're Japanese, but they run on reggae time." (a good-natured joke told to me by my old friend Kyle, who as owner of Lost Weekend and a veteran of music show promoting, must know what he's talking about. Note: Lost Weekend was the site of the cart's "gig" last night, and Kyle was laughing off the cart's expected tardiness even as a line was forming outside his store's door); to placate the early arrivals, FC passed out free iced tea, which turned out to be miso soup instead--they remedied this when it became saltily apparent to the confused recipients; several times, things like tongs and condiment squeeze bottles were dropped onto the dusty gravel of Lost Weekend's parking lot--though I'm pretty sure they were wiped down afterward; the made-to-order crepes were prepared one at a time, meaning the line moved slowly.

Was it worth the wait, fuss, having to hear all the breathless hype? I'll have to try it again, but as vendor food goes, it was certainly up there.

You can find their hours and location (and sometimes more, sometimes TMI!) at twitter.com/freshstreet

Expect a full crepe cart report in an upcoming Alive