This year's Goodale Park Music Series has featured the added attraction of food-blogger-organized potlucks; this past Sunday, the Spikedrivers played and the potluck was hosted by Hungrywoolf with a "Grown in Ohio" theme.

After a few platefuls of salady stuff, I moved onto my next eating assignment at La Plaza Tapatia, a packed but nearly gringo-free Mexican eatery inside a giant west-side Mexican supermarket. On Sundays, it's like a nonstop party in there as roving musicians (mariachis from 12-4pm; norteno players afterward) sing and strum an entertaining mix of raucous and heartbroken tunes.

La Plaza Tapatia's Molcajete -- a gigantic bowl of grilled meats, shrimp and vegetables.

Then I moseyed up to Studio 35 to see "The Other Guys," a disjointed prank of a movie that supplies a handful of laughs due to its non-sequitur running gags and cultivated oddness.

Expect some Venice stuff later tonight.