Daily entree special: garlic and black pepper crusted rotisserie chicken with thin and crispy handcut fries

Daily sandwich special: tender turkey with mesclun greens, basil-y aioli and perky, roasted and pickled red peppers layered on a puffy and toasted, oversized, house-baked focaccia roll. On the side is a texture-ific, fruity and nutty wild rice and veggie salad with a bright vinaigrette.

Open barely a week, the Northstar's newest light in its growing constellation of (mostly) organic/locally sourced/healthy-edged/vegetarian-friendly restaurants smartly combines many of its winning ideas from its previous N'star incarnations along with those of its upscale brother, Third & Hollywood. This means the newbie serves 3&H-style cocktails, like that refreshingly palate cleansing, ginger-infused mojito made with Rogue rum.

The wood slatty interior has a horizontality broken up by an octagonal center which kinda reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright's Kentuck Knob house, which I visited earlier this year (near Pittsburgh). During a recent evening service, the place was glowing with hushed amber lighting, making it seem sexy and nightclubby. The music was largely in the key of Deathcab for Cutie. The casual yet carefully made food was full-flavored, in the key of modern American bistro. Expect a First Bite review in next week's Alive.

Grey Gardens--Grey Goose, Chamomile and Campari with a sugar-and-salt crusted rim; gotta love a soft bodied, bittersweet cocktail named after a culturally devastating documentary made by the Maysles brothers (I also loved the kinky musical when I saw it in NYC last year, or so).

The Rubicon--gin and lemon strained over a sprig of rosemary flamed in Chartreuse. If you cross this Rubicon, it might taste like Xmas eve after your four-martini ingesting mom accidentally (at least that's what she claimed) set the tannenbaum on fire!

My pal and colleague Hungrywoolf recently alerted me to the fact that the wonderful Rossi was finally addressing its one deficit by introducing a menu of new, interesting house cocktails. Expect a review in an upcoming Alive.