Lately one of my go-tos has been one of Lavash Cafe's Low-Carb Greek Salads. I always get it topped with a half-and-half combo (at no extra charge above its $11 price tag) of their dee-lish marinated lamb and chicken shawarma meat.

This thing ain't no lightweight jobbie that'll leave you wanting more when you're finished with it; hell, it probably has as much meat in it as at least three regular Middle Eastern sandwiches. In fact even a big eater like me needs two solid masticating sessions to down it. Keeping with the half-and-half theme (which actually slyly turns out to be a twofer), I get it with the tahini and "Italian" dressings. With its potently flavored proteins and leavening veggies plus salty kalamatas/feta cheese chunks, this relatively cheap and easy quickie is hard to beat.