Independents Day 2010 would be the crowning glory to a nearly perfect, autumnally weathered, non-stop party weekend.

But first there would be Buckeye football, and the emergence of a too-long-MIA, possession-type short passing game. Spraying the ball around to not just wideouts but also--underneath coverage--backs and (yes!) the tight end (!) TP broke a school record by throwing 16 straight completions. Here's one of the many TDs we scored over the poor, hapless Bobcats; had I tried to capture every single point we tallied up that day on my camera, the overtaxed mechanical eye woulda blown a battery.

After some drinks at Dick's Den (Why not?) I smilingly knocked back a by-now-ceremonial, post victory, Emlolly buckeye treat. The smooth and clean chockie was almost as pretty and sweet as the win--love these Worthington-made beauties!

Independents Day (or evening in my case) was a multi-faceted street fair full of worthwhile diversions like local crafty shopping.

Oh yeah, and beer!

By far the best musical act I saw happened between these two buildings--one is the 44-story, tallest thing downtown, Rhodes Tower. There, underneath the strangest rain--a persistent yet intermittent yet oddly evanescent mist that somehow never made anything wet (including me)--was a guy looking like a rave-crazed Jonathan Franzen in a blue wifebeater leading a trippy and propulsive ensemble (which included a great guitarist and two drummers, one of whom was wearing a long Indian war bonnet and appeared to be about 15 years old) playing brainy, impossibly infectious, dance-y stuff. They're called Shin Tower Music and that night they proved the set of theirs I witnessed at Comfest was as good as I remembered it to be. Awesome.

Adding to the reverie-inducing long form tunes were "form constant" (look it up) videos of shifting grids, telescoping geometries and flashing lights and colors.

OK, time and place disruption--this occurred before my Independents visit. I imagine we were the only people at ID who had dinner at the Clarmont a been-there-forever Columbus Classic.

When The Clarmont says their shrimp are "Colossal", unlike 99% of such claiments, they mean it!

This is one of the old school (when I walked in, a "pianoman" guy was almost too appropriately playing "As Time Goes By") signature dishes-- hockey-puck-sized pork tenderloin "medallions" with a ton of lily-gilding add ons.