What do Bob Dylan, David Bowie as Ziggy Stardust, Depeche Mode and George Stephanopoulos have in common? They were all subjects of movies by the great documentarians, D A Pennebaker and his wife, Chris Hegedus.

A week ago, I spoke to them on the phone about their new flick which is playing this weekend at the Gateway Film Center.

"Kings of Pastry" is the movie, and it's must-see viewing for anyone interested in greatness--greatness of intellect, imagination, hard-won manual skill and ...

... absolutely amazing desserts!

If you see "Kings" this Sunday, you won't be driven mad by the sight of great chefs creating drool-inducing confections as our own local pastry royalty, Pistacia Vera, will be on hand at the theater, doling out wine and beautiful delectables!

Sounds a hell of a lot better than watching the horrible Browns in front of a plate of crappy nachos, doesn't it ?!?

Here' my preview of "Kings of Pastry" in this week's Alive.

Here's my (unedited, so a tad rough) full interview with Pennebaker and Hegedus (warning, spoilers galore!)