I ran a ton of errands today, and figured I may as well grab a snack here and there too.

First stop: Mouton cappuccino -- perfectly poured, even in a paper cup! -- and a Bulgogi Cheesesteak Crepe from Foodie Cart. I love these crepes (as does G.A.) and hope that whatever these kids decide to do now that their "season" is nearing its end includes serving more delicious crepes in Columbus.

Lunch #1 was a quick stop at Katalina's Cafe Corner, which reopened yesterday after a few days of renovations. The amazing patio is still intact and enhanced by a gorgeous turquoise birdcage contraption; the interior has been spruced up as well, with a new paint job, an enormous chandelier and even a few more sandwiches since I visited last.

I loved the hint of fall in the air as we enjoyed a last-gasp-of-summer pureed Cucumber Gazpacho and the (not-kidding) Spicy Turkey Wrap on the patio. Katalina's is working on jumping through the necessary hoops to get a liquor license -- I'm looking forward to that saucy addition to the charming little place.

Lunch #2 took me to the totally fun and seriously nutty Krema Nut Company cafe, where I relived my childhood lunch (every day from about grades two to five, with the exception of cold turkey sandwiches the week after Thanksgiving) with Krema's Nutty Mallow, here served on locally baked Great Harvest wheat bread, piled with voluminous amounts of both peanut butter and marshmallow fluff my mother never would have dreamed of. Look for G.A.'s thoughts on Krema in next week's Alive.