Saturday's pregame festivities started on the walk to the 'Shoe with a quick pitstop at Dick's Den for Bloodless Marys--infusions of the straight Stoli they sell for cheap and keep in their freezer (tastes really sweet, with a kiss of anise)

Always love nutso, attention-loving fans like this dude, who called himself "Captain Ohio" and was only too happy to stop in mid-coversation with someone to pose for photos.

Can you see Brutus? Maybe he was keeping a low profile after that YouTubed-to-death incident with Rufus, the insane stalking Bobcat (who is not even an OU student) the week before.

Check out this hot slice of Spicy Ass Pepperoni, my preferred walk-home snack (from Late Night Slice's mobile oven)

OK, going backwards in time, the night before, was the superfun Food and Wine Affair at the beautiful Franklin Park Conservatory--always at the top of the annual parties-with-a-purpose get togethers

This impressive watermelon sculpture was a fitting prop for the last full-on summery night of the year.

Above was my preferred quaff on that sweltering evening, with tuna tartar from Tucci's.

Here's a fraction of the food that accompanied those many glasses of real-deal pink bubbly:


Short Story Brasserie


Views to remember

If you missed it this year, don't make the same mistake next year!