Louie just opened up another Fusion Grill -- this one at the ever-evolving Kingsdale Shopping Center. I went there last night, and can report that if you liked the first LFG (meaning if you like the cuisine created at the great Starliner Diner), then you'll dig this one too. Count me solidly in that group.

Crackly, cornmeal crusted chile rellenos placed on a smoky chipotle, ranchero type sauce and oozing Mexi-cheese--they're untraditional (i.e. not eggy encased like they make 'em in Mexico) but delicious!

Crispy skinned Cuban chicken (though Louie's calls it "Fusion Roasted") excitingly "piquanted up" (that's how I call it) w/ vinegar-ized sauteed onions. Love, love, love it!

Blackened Grouper with excellent soupy black beans and kick-ass sauteed veggies arousingly enhanced by garlic, balsamic vinegar and soy sauce. While the fish itself is decent enough, the overall dish is freakin' terrific!

Paraphrasing and bastardizing that Mohammed and the mountain saying: If the Starliner won't come to me, but Louie's keeps coming closer to me, I'm clearly more likely to go to the one 10 minutes from my home.

Expect a full review soon in This Week.