Okay, I fully understand why a certain type of OSU fan can make all of us seem like A- holes, D-bags, S-heads, whatever

But if you're worried for your safety, these urban assault vehicles attest to the serious police presence around the stadium

And if you haven't gone to a game in a while and aren't much of a student of the game, the pageantry can be stirring

Watching the team sing Carmen Ohio to the band after we beat those Midwestern scoffing, Miami beach trash talkers last week was pretty sweet

And you gotta love the timely and creative t-shitrs made by local entreperneurs--maybe sentiments like this one stopped LeBron from showing up as he claimed he was going to

This work of wearable art was a good response to the prevalent "I'll never forget the crime in the desert" type shirts I saw worn by Miami fans still unable to get over our glorious National Championship win over them in 2002--I mean, get a life already, don't you live near a glamorous beach?

After the game, the perfect patriotic cocktail is this one made at Alana's with the Columbus produced OYO vodka--it makes great use of the spirit's non-neutral flavor by adding vanilla bitters to it

Okay, see how much local color you're missing by not attending a Buckeye game? And a potential blowout against poor OU today holds the promise of cheaply scalped tickets plus lots of off color humor (the kind I usually like) at the Bobcats' expense. So I'll see you there, right!?!