Pregame Bombay Sapphire gin at Little Palace...not pictured is one of their nifty handmade, not teeny, sliders (with sauteed onions) because I demolished that juicy, pink-centered patty before remembering to photograph it.

One of the perks of starting my pregame warmup at Little Palace is that I could walk literally only a few short steps to enjoy a pregame dog @ Dirty Frank's. Pictured is their inhale-able chili dog (with yet more Marshall-damning oral lubricants).

The mood was as juicy as my pregame food as a game group of alums joined TBDBITL to strike fear into the West Virginians.

No college football tradition beats script Ohio x 4!

As per usual, the postgame revelry was a sight to savor...check out the precariously teetering coed (I'm guessing her evening took a few interesting turns after I snapped this photo.)

My evening certainly took a hot turn for the better after I chomped into a slice of Spicy Ass Pepperoni from the Late Night Slice's mobile PizzAssault Truck--thereby completing the live-for-today pigskin day trifecta of burger, dog and pizza.

When I finally made it safe (if not that sound) back home, these chockies (that were sent to the paper courtesy of an encouraging Worthington-based, mother-daughter candymaking team called Emlolly's Candy) were waiting for me. The candies were so good-looking and satisfying that they might just provoke a new post-game tradition of celebrating a sweet Buckeye victory with a sweet buckeye.