Vonn Jazz & Blues made such a bungle-heavy impression on me during my first visit to it, I never went back. Granted, it was the place's opening night when all the fiascos happened, but seeing how they were still charging full price, I figured I needed a really good reason to head back. Well, I recently got one, in the form of new chef, Mike Black, a man with highly commendable experience at great places like Alana's, G.Michael's and the Burgundy Room (Dublin). After eating there recently, it looks like the new chef is working out terrifically.

Potato skins riffing on the chef's southern training--they're stuffed with black-eyed peas, five-spicy BBQ pork and tangy collard greens. The spud component seemed a tad odd, but it worked.

Perfectly seasoned (if unthrilling) chicken atop a very nice 'shroom- and corn-studded risotto.

Loved this seared, arborio-crusted (almost popcorn-y tasting, in a good way) sashimi-grade tuna with lovely sauteed bok choy and an inspired American South meets Asian edamame succotash.

Expect a review soon.