I learned to make this classic Italian "primo" of pesto, green beans, potatoes and pasta (here, it's tagliatelle) a long time ago by reading my mom's dog-eared and Bolognese sauce-stained copy of the great Marcella Hazan's first book. Recently, I was happy to dive in to pretty much the same dish while in Venice about a month ago.

Well lo and behold if i didn't see it on the menu at Rigsby's Kitchen last week, and in fact that's the rich, cheesy and scrumptious version you see in the picture above. It tasted like what I had in Venice, if heavier.

Anyhoo, I fleshed out this summery doozy with terrific little noshes I got at a significantly reduced cost when I flashed my trusty SBB card. See, SBB holders can get a 50% discount on Rigsby's already cheap-ish (especially for what you get) bar snacks during happy hour and again from 10pm-1 am.

Capping off the evening, I headed to Studio 35 to see "The Kids Are All Right," which turned out to be the best, smartest and by far most remarkably acted movie I've seen all year. As a side note, I met a friend at '35 who only showed up because he thought we were convening to watch that Who movie again. When I told him it was a different "Kids"--one about a lesbian couple-- his facial expression was, as they say, priceless.

Turns out you hardly notice the movie (which cleverly riffs on food/locavorism/restaurateurs) is about anything but really sharp, completely believable, screwed-up people and families in crisis; in other words, real life. You know, like what most movies today totally avoid.