Pomegranate Mediterranean Cuisine in Gahanna is a funusual place. It claims to have "Mediterranean" influences from such countries as Croatia, Egypt, Israel and about a dozen others. But how, then, explain an appetizer (pictured directly above) that wraps Latin American beloved avocado in Chinese style eggroll wrappers served with an Indian-type tamarind and crushed-nut chutney? Answer: I don't give a crap, as long as it tastes good--and Pomegranate does indeed serve a lot of bold and delicious food.

Certainly some of Pomegranate's fare originates from discernible locales (there's plenty of Greek and Middle Eastern goodies). But if a few items sprang from its owner's brain and kitchen, as long as it pleases palates, so much the better. Such was the case with the Mexican-goes-Greek "Mediterranean Quesadillas" that semi-brilliantly stuffed extra crispy tortillas with herby gyro meat plus molten kasseri (the flaming opa! saganaki cheese) and feta (middle picture, and listed on the menu with a humorously culinary question like "why should the Mexicans have all the fun?"). These irresistible, fun-to-munch apps were positively saltastic!

One other standout was (top pic) the Chicken a la Sabra--rosemary scented and partnered with a bright, olive, orange and winey sauce. Like most entrees in this full liquor licensed place, this came with a huge salad or soup (great avgolemono!) plus a starch (love the spicy brown rice!) and surprisingly (as in I'm surprised that so many other joints just cannot get this right!) good, fresh and zestily seasoned sauteed vegetables.

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