Unlike G.A., I'm not exactly known as an "adventurous eater." Therefore, even though dining at Momofuku Ko was my idea, when I found out I might be presented with pig face and unusual raw sea creatures to nibble on there, I decided to have a vodka snack beforhand (OK, two !) prior to forging ahead and trying at least a bite of every delectable, some challenging (for me), rich, awesome, and mostly mind-blowing course that came my way. Thanks, vodka!

As we left Ko, we were each given a little to-go package, cheekily sealed with blue painter's masking tape.

The small but mighty onigiri bounced about in my purse until much later that day (thankfully it was just kimchi and rice -- I figured kimchi can't spoil, right?), but came in very handy as a pre-play snack!

After a quick (for me) run through the brilliant John Baldessari exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art on Sunday, G.A. and I had some great tacos for lunch. The super-cute restaurant just happened to be a block from mile 18 of the NYC Marathon course, so we took a stroll down to cheer the runners on. The street was lined with vocal well-wishers, despite it being later in the afternoon -- meaning all of the prime-time runners had long passed by.

But wait, who's this? Oh, it's Al Roker, wincing with every step. Eight miles to go, Al! I was extremely impressed when I heard he had finished the race; he must've pressed through some serious pain.

After watching the marathoners for a while (it was a surprisingly and intensely moving place to be), G.A. headed back to the museum and it effectively became "ZimmerDay" (aka, "I get to shop minus the impatience of G.A.!")

First stop, Eataly. Sunday afternoon was not an ideal time to visit this brand-new mecca of all things "Italian" and "culinary," but it was a fascinating visit nonetheless. While shoppers looked amused, people waiting excruciatingly long times for dining experiences did not. I fortunately counted myself in the carefree "just-looking" camp.

I liked to imagine this old Italian grandma was paid to stand by the grand entrance, but I think it was just coincidence.

Off in the distance I saw a guy making mozzarella at the deli/charcuterie counter.

The meat display was nice. Note the little piggy who went to market!

Mostly I was struck by the pasta. Aisles and aisles of dried noodles (and an entire counter of fresh).

These were almost three feet long! Who has a pot big enough to cook them?

I actually stood in line at Shake Shack for about five minutes. It did not move, so I moved on..... and in one of those "Only in New York, kids, only in New York" moments, I literally ran into an old friend in the middle of a nearby busy street fair. Crazy, huh?

Next stop: Jonathan Adler store. If I could, I'd certainly buy every single thing in this place. Instead, here are a few unsubtle nudges to loved ones. It's almost Christmas, family!

First I need this needlepoint backgammon set, then I need a willing partner.

My desire to be That Poodle Lady is shameless, and with this ornament, I could add a little high style to all the kitsch.

Tell me who doesn't want a $98 pillow advertising their astrological sign!

And in conclusion, maybe you've heard of this Four Loko craze? Well, one late-ish night I thought to myself: I like caffeine, I like alcohol, so......why not?

Oh there are sooooo many reasons why not! Not the least of which is taste (kind of like if battery acid was added to lemonade, with an aftertaste of syrupy pain), but the most of which were the calories! Thanks to free in-room internet at the lovely Hampton Inn Soho, I learned of Four Loko's 660 calories (just six off from 666!) before ingesting much of the thing.

Until next time, "Only in New York, kids, only in New York."