Gallo's Kitchen and Bar is quickly becoming one of my go-tos for its sports viewing and casual-garbed vibe along with its reliably good and racy food.

Case in point: this beautiful and bounteous bowl of absolutely delicious, chunky, spicy and herby tomato broth laced with olive oil and loaded with scallops, crawfish, halibut and walleye.

From French bouillabaisse (related to the words for boil and simmer) to Italian zuppa de pesce (literally fish soup) to San Francisco's cioppino (which I've heard got its name from either "ciuppin", meaning "chopped" in dialectical Italian or from Italian-American fishermen asking each other "c'e un po' ?" i.e. "is there a little" as in extra fish to add to the pot) to similar things I've had in Greek and Spanish restaurants, lots of cultures have a version of this, and I seem to be in love with them all!