Dosa Corner is a tiny Indian place with giant flavors.

Somewhere between a pancake and a pizza is an uthappam, like this kick-ass-tic Veggie Supreme

The obvious star of this combo thali is the unfortunately named but insanely delicious and texturally terrific "Mysore" Masala Dosa

King Gyros is stuck in a fast food building...

...but its grub, like this gloriously lamb meat and Greek tomato sauce-swamped and soulful moussaka, lives up to its royal name...

...ditto for these rib-sticking, considerably "unfunky" cabbage rolls!

When traveling around the unglamorous NYC borough of Queens, I'm often struck by the high quality of food served in dinky, hole-in-the wall, ethnic mom-n-poppers. That same thought occurred to me recently in town while dining at these two eateries--expect reviews of each in a few days inside the pages of This Week and Alive.