This wide-screen-TV-sized pizza pie was as gargantuan as it appears. I got it at a new shop in the South Campus Gateway called Pizza Rustica. Paraphrasing a formerly beloved, former Ohio sports hero, this Florida transplant has brought its talents to Columbus from South Beach (where, based on its website and photos, the original shop is--or has been--popular with celebrities).

The well-made attempt at "eating my pizza and having my health too" depicted above is a Con Vegetable on sweet-ish whole wheat crust (constructed with in-house dough and roasted-that-day plant matter). Expect more on this place soon on ink and paper.

A few nights after masticating through that feast, I worriedly realized a Fudha coupon of mine of was fixing to expire, so I pizza-ed up yet again at the terrifically eccentric Clever Crow (with its never-soggy sourdough/cornbread crust hybrid).

Pictured here is a nightly special roast beef, onion and horseradish (though I didn't taste much of the latter) / homemade sausage with a squash puree (pinch-hitting for tomato sauce) half-n-halfer.

If the above two pizzas seem a bit out of the norm, well, that's just me. Some people, however--like RJZ--are perfectly content with pepperoni and can't conceive of a good pizza absent tomato sauce--well, the Crow flies that way too.

Just down the street from Circus (the rock club where the Crow makes its nest) is the recently opened Bar L'Entranger (opened by the Due Amici people and head-shakingly named after the Camus classic). I had a nice Sazerac there (made correctly --with absinthe!) and good conversation with a very friendly bartender. I came away thinking that you needn't at all have your beret and dog-eared copy of Simone de Beauvoir there to enjoy yourself (course, I'm not saying they wouldn't help, either!).